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Privacy Policy

About Company
  1. Information Collection: Describes the type of information collected (personal, browsing history, cookies, etc.) and the methods used (website forms, cookies, etc.).
  2. Use of Information: Explains how the collected information is used, whether it’s for improving services, marketing, or other purposes.
  3. Data Sharing: Details if and how the collected information is shared with third parties, partners, or affiliates.
  4. Security Measures: Discusses the security measures in place to protect the collected data from unauthorized access or misuse.
  5. User Control: Informs users about their rights and how they can access, update, or delete their personal information.
  6. Cookies and Tracking: Explains the use of cookies, tracking pixels, and similar technologies, along with options for users to manage their preferences.
  7. Policy Changes: States the company’s rights to update or modify the privacy policy and how users will be informed about these changes.
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