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Children’s Dentistry Dubai

Your child’s first set of teeth is just as important as their adult teeth. These baby teeth play a vital role in speech and eating. Children’s Dentistry ensures the well-being of your child’s teeth and teaches them good oral hygiene habits from an early age.

At New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic in Dubai, we recommend taking your child to their first dental visit at around six months, usually when their first tooth comes in. During this visit, our Pediatric dentist in Dubai will closely monitor their oral health, address any concerns, and provide guidance on maintaining proper oral hygiene. We encourage parents to watch for habits like thumb-sucking and mouth-breathing. Early intervention is critical to promoting adequate oral health.

Children's Dentist - Pediatric Dentist Dubai
Pediatric Dentist Dubai

During your child’s dental visit, feel free to ask our dentists the essential questions, such as:

  • Is my child brushing their teeth effectively?
  • Does my child require fluoride treatment?
  • Does my child need any preventive orthodontic treatment?
  • Are there any recommendations to improve my child’s oral health for their next dental visit?
  • Is teeth-grinding normal?
  • Can you demonstrate the correct toothbrushing technique and flossing?

Why Choose New Ivory for Children’s Dentistry in Dubai?

  • Painless dental treatments for children
  • Experienced AND PATIENT dental professionals who specialize in treating children!
  • Nitrous Oxide sedation (happy gas) is available to help anxious children during treatment.
  • In-house X-ray imaging for more accurate diagnoses
  • Comprehensive dental care for the whole family in one convenient location
  • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate your lifestyle
  • State-of-the-art dental equipment for top-quality care

Our Comprehensive Pediatric Dental Services

  1. Dental Examinations: Regular dental check-ups are essential for maintaining your child’s oral health. Our pediatric dentist in Dubai will perform thorough examinations, checking for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues. We also assess the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaw.
  2. Professional Teeth Cleaning: Professional cleanings are vital in preventing dental problems. Our skilled dental hygienists will gently remove plaque and tartar buildup, ensuring your child’s teeth are clean and free from harmful bacteria. We will guide them in brushing and flossing correctly for optimal oral hygiene.
  3. Dental Sealants: Dental sealants are a protective coating applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. They act as a barrier, preventing food particles and bacteria from getting trapped in the deep grooves and crevices of the teeth. Sealants provide a highly effective preventive measure against tooth decay, and we recommend them for children with a higher risk of cavities.
  4. Fluoride Treatments: Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay. Our pediatric dentists may recommend fluoride treatments to protect your child’s teeth against cavities. We will assess your child’s needs and provide appropriate treatments tailored to their age and risk factors.
  5. Dental Fillings: If your child has a cavity, our skilled pediatric dentists will use tooth-colored fillings to restore the affected tooth. These fillings blend seamlessly with the natural tooth structure, ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting result. We prioritize your child’s comfort during the procedure, utilizing gentle techniques and local anesthesia when necessary.
  6. Orthodontic Assessments: Early detection of orthodontic issues is crucial for a timely intervention. Our pediatric dentists assess your child’s dental and jaw alignment to identify potential orthodontic concerns. Issues such as mouth-breathing, thumb-sucking and other deleterious habits are assessed. If necessary, we will refer you to our experienced orthodontist for further evaluation and appropriate treatment.
  7. Emergency Dental Care: Accidents happen, and we understand that dental emergencies can occur anytime. We can handle dental emergencies at our clinic. Whether your child has experienced a dental injury or is in significant pain, our compassionate team is here to provide immediate care and alleviate discomfort.

Why Pediatric Dentistry Matters:

Early Intervention: Our pediatric dentists recommend early dental visits to monitor your child’s oral health, address concerns, and provide guidance on oral hygiene practices from an early age.

Preventive Care: We believe in proactive dental care to prevent dental issues before they occur. Our pediatric dentists assess your child’s oral development, offer fluoride treatments to strengthen their teeth, and provide preventive orthodontic therapies if necessary.

Education and Guidance: We are committed to educating parents and children about the importance of good oral hygiene. Feel free to ask questions during your child’s visit about their brushing technique, the need for fluoride, or any concerns you may have. 

Addressing Dental Habits: Our pediatric dentists can identify and address troublesome habits such as thumb sucking or teeth grinding. Early intervention and guidance can help prevent potential dental issues in the future.

Patient and Compassionate Care: Our experienced pediatric dentists are skilled in working with children, creating a positive and comfortable experience. We use gentle techniques and offer Nitrous Oxide sedation (happy gas) to help anxious children during treatment.

Comprehensive Dental Services: At New Ivory, we provide comprehensive dental services for the entire family. From routine check-ups and cleanings to advanced treatments, you can trust us to meet all your dental needs under one roof.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our clinic is equipped with advanced dental technology, including in-house X-ray imaging, allowing us to achieve more accurate diagnoses and develop efficient treatments for your child.


Choose New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic for Pediatric Dentistry:

In Dubai, you can trust our experienced pediatric dentists at New Ivory Dental Clinic regarding your child’s dental care. We prioritize painless treatments, personalized care, and convenient scheduling to make your child’s dental visits stress-free. With our clinic’s convenient location and state-of-the-art equipment, we aim to provide exceptional pediatric dentistry services and give your child the gift of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience our outstanding pediatric dentistry services in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should my child have their first dental visit?

We recommend that your child’s first dental visit occur around six months or when they grow their first tooth. Early dental visits allow us to monitor their oral health, address concerns, and provide guidance on oral hygiene from an early age.

How often should my child visit the dentist?

Regular dental check-ups are essential for maintaining optimal oral health. We recommend that children visit the dentist every six months. However, the frequency may vary depending on your child’s dental needs and oral health condition.

Are dental X-rays safe for children?

Yes, dental X-rays are safe for children. New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic uses state-of-the-art, super low dose radiation digital X-ray technology to minimize exposure. Dental X-rays are crucial for more accurate diagnoses, especially in detecting cavities, assessing tooth development, and evaluating the underlying bone structure. Our intra-oral scanners can also pick up cavities in the back teeth without ANY radiation.

My child is anxious about dental visits. What can you do to help them feel more comfortable?

We understand that some children feel anxious about dental visits. Our pediatric dentists specialize in working with children and creating a positive experience. We offer Nitrous Oxide sedation (happy gas) to help anxious children relax during treatment. Additionally, our friendly, patient approach and gentle techniques help alleviate anxiety and make the dental visit a stress-free experience.

How can I encourage my child to maintain good oral hygiene habits?

Encouraging good oral hygiene habits is essential for your child’s dental health. Here are some tips:

  • Lead by example: Show your child the importance of brushing and flossing by practicing good oral hygiene with them.
  • Make it fun: Use colorful toothbrushes, flavored toothpaste, or even play their favorite song while they brush. Make oral hygiene a positive and enjoyable experience.
  • Establish a routine: Set specific times for brushing and flossing, and make it a part of their daily routine.
  • Reward system: Create a reward system to motivate your child, such as a sticker chart or small rewards for consistent oral hygiene habits.

My child grinds their teeth. Is this normal, and should I be concerned?

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is relatively common in children and often subsides as they age. However, if the grinding is excessive, causing jaw pain or tooth damage, it’s best to consult our pediatric dentists. We can assess the underlying cause and provide appropriate guidance. If a child snores AND grinds his teeth please bring him right away for a check-up. It might indicate the presence of apnea which will need to be addressed right away.

What should I do if my child knocks out a tooth?

If your child knocks out a tooth, remaining calm is vital. Handle the tooth by the crown (top part); avoid touching the root. Rinse the tooth gently with water if dirty, but do not scrub or remove any tissue fragments. If possible, place the tooth back into the socket, ensuring it faces the correct way. If this isn’t possible, put the tooth in a container with milk or saliva. Contact our dental clinic immediately for emergency dental care.

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