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Routine Dental Check Up

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! At New Ivory Dental & Implant Clinic, we are committed to helping you maintain your teeth and gums in a holistic way for your overall wellbeing. A regular dental check up can not only help your dentist diagnose existing dental issues, but can also help in identifying problems before they surface.

Dental checkup clinic Dubai
Pediatric Dentist Dubai


At New Ivory Dental & Implant Clinic, you can contact our staff any time to book a consultation. Our consultation process is extremely meticulous and covers your teeth and gums. Our services in this area include but are not limited to:

Our process usually begins with your consultation. Based on your requirements, our specialists will prescribe a routine checkup that may include regular dental cleaning. Oral care maintenance can eliminate the possibilities for myriad dental diseases, which is why we recommend scheduled checkups on a regular basis.

Why Choose New Ivory?           

A dental checkup is a meticulous process that requires extensive experience. Our dentists and specialists have the necessary experience and expertise to care for your dental issues in a timely manner. Our technology includes in house panoramic as well as 3D CBCT imaging  which helps us in both diagnosing as well as treating complex issues which many clinics do not have. A dental microscope is another tool that help us in diagnosing complex issues. Most importantly we will try and help you with your issues as much as we honestly can and point you in the right direction in the rare case we possibly cannot!

Pediatric Dentist Dubai
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