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We are super excited to be one of the few premium clinics offering Same Day  Dental Crowns in Dubai using CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) technology. CEREC has totally revolutionized restorative dentistry and how crowns, inlays and dental implant crowns that used to take a week to be done are now fabricated in the dental office in about 2-3 hours!

It is the most advanced and cutting edge technology available today for crowns that not only are faster but also FIT better and LAST longer. This is because the entire process is done digitally, eliminating all the error producing manual physical steps that need to be done with traditional laboratory made crowns. CEREC crowns are accurate to about 10 microns – that is about a tenth of a human hair! They can also be done for same day implants to restore teeth that have been missing since years in just one appointment! No messy impressions, No temporary crowns and NO long waits!

The entire workflow is digitised from the beginning using advanced 3D intra-oral scanners that take more than a thousand images a minute that are then reconstructed to a highly accurate 3 dimensional virtual model of the teeth and jaws.

Planning of the crown is done by the dentist at the chairside. The artificial intelligence in the software interface proposes a crown design based on the shape of the existing teeth and suggests the best possible shapes and contours. Once the design is finalised the plan is sent wirelessly and the crowns are fabricated in-house by the robotic 3D milling machine in about 15 minutes.

Final touches are applied by the in-house lab technician to give it a natural appearance and the whole crown is heated to about a 1000 degrees in a high speed furnace to harden the ceramic.

The final crown is then cleaned and cemented on the teeth after adjusting the contacts and making sure they are perfect in fit, colour and contours. And that’s it!

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