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Welcome to New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic, your trusted dental care provider in Dubai. Our team of dentists is committed to restoring your smile. With our focus on patient comfort and the use of safe, modern materials, we offer dental fillings that not only treat cavities but preserve the natural beauty and function of your teeth. Discover the New Ivory difference and regain confidence in your smile.


Detecting Cavities: Our Expertise and Technology

During regular dental check-ups, our experienced dentists at New Ivory Dental Clinic in Dubai use advanced technology to detect cavities that require filling. Through intra-oral scanning using near infra-red technology (NIRI) we can detect cavities with zero radiation. X-rays (2D and 3D) will be taken if necessary and we carefully assess the problem and recommend the most suitable treatment option for you. By catching cavities early, we can prevent them from reaching the nerve inside the tooth and avoid more invasive procedures like root canal treatment.

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Mercury and Amalgam-Free Practice: Your Health Matters

We take pride in being a mercury and amalgam-free practice. We use biomimetic dentistry techniques to prioritize your health and well-being using tooth-colored fillings made of composite resins and ceramics. These modern fillings blend seamlessly with natural teeth, providing a nearly indistinguishable restoration that looks and functions perfectly. Our focus on using safe materials ensures that you receive the highest standard of care while maintaining the aesthetics of your smile.

The Filling Process: Aesthetic and Functional Restorations

Regarding dental fillings, we strive to create restorations that restore the natural look of your teeth and bring back their natural structure and function. Our dentists utilize composite resin fillings and if required hybrid ceramic inlays and onlays that are carefully matched to the shade of your natural teeth, ensuring a seamless blend. Including nano-fillers in these fillings further enhances their aesthetic appeal and durability.

Comprehensive Treatment: Three Steps to a Healthy Smile

At New Ivory, our dental filling process consists of three main steps to provide comprehensive treatment and ensure the ideal results for our patients:

  1. Thorough Evaluation: We begin by evaluating your dental health, which may include X-rays and/or scans to diagnose the extent of the cavity accurately. This step allows us to develop a personalized treatment tailored to your needs.
  2. Anesthetic and Filling Placement: We administer local anesthesia for deeper cavities to ensure comfort during the procedure. Once the area is numb, we carefully place the tooth-colored filling, restoring the affected tooth. We ALWAYS pre-numb the area with a numbing gel or spray to maximize your comfort.
  3. Polishing and Finishing: We pay attention to every detail using high magnification with dental operating microscopes, ensuring a smooth finish for the fillings while preserving valuable enamel. We aim to provide you with a restoration that looks natural and functions optimally. After the procedure, we provide you with follow-up recommendations for proper aftercare, ensuring the longevity of your dental filling.

Deeper Cavities: Special Considerations

In cases where the cavity is deep, and the nerve is extensively affected, patients may require additional treatment. Our dentists may recommend root canal treatment to address the underlying issue. However, we adopt a cautious approach for borderline cases where the cavity is close to the nerve. We closely monitor the condition for up to 72 hours before deciding on further treatment, ensuring the most appropriate and effective solution for your dental health.

Alternatives to Fillings: Personalized Solutions

While dental fillings are a standard and effective treatment for cavities, more suitable options may exist. In cases where the hole is wide or a significant portion of the tooth is damaged, our team may suggest alternative treatments such as ceramic inlays or crowns. These options provide a more predictable and durable restoration, ensuring your tooth’s long-term health and functionality.

Experience Excellence in Dental Care: Schedule an Appointment

Don’t let cavities compromise your oral health and confidence. Contact New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic today to schedule an appointment for dental fillings. Our experienced dentists will provide personalized care, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. Experience the benefits of our precision and comprehensive approach to dental fillings in Dubai. Regain your healthy smile with New Ivory Dental Clinic.

Benefits of Dental Fillings:

Dental fillings offer numerous benefits beyond cavity treatment. Here are some advantages that make dental fillings an essential part of maintaining your oral health:

  1. Restored Function: Dental fillings restore the structure and integrity of your tooth, allowing you to bite and chew comfortably without any discomfort or pain.
  2. Enhanced Aesthetics: With tooth-colored composite resin fillings, your dental restoration blends seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing a cosmetically pleasing result. Say goodbye to unsightly metal fillings and enjoy a confident smile.
  3. Preservation of Tooth Structure: Dental fillings help preserve your natural tooth structure. By treating cavities early with fillers, we can prevent further decay and the need for more extensive procedures like crowns or extractions.
  4. Longevity: Modern dental fillings are durable and long-lasting. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits, your fillings can protect your teeth for years.
  5. Minimal Tooth Sensitivity: Dental fillings help alleviate tooth sensitivity caused by cavities. By sealing the hole and protecting the underlying nerve, fillings can reduce or eliminate tooth sensitivity, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without discomfort.

Maintaining Dental Fillings: Tips for Longevity:

It ensures the longevity and effectiveness of your dental fillings. It’s essential to practice proper oral hygiene and follow these helpful tips:

  1. Brush and Floss Regularly: Brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss daily to remove plaque and food particles. It helps prevent new cavities from forming around the dental fillings.
  2. Use Fluoride Toothpaste: Fluoride toothpaste strengthens your tooth enamel, making it more decay-resistant. Choose a fluoride toothpaste recommended by your dentist for optimal protection.
  3. Limit Sugary Foods and Drinks: Sugary foods and drinks contribute to tooth decay. Limit your consumption of sugary treats and opt for healthier alternatives. If you do indulge, make sure to brush your teeth afterward or rinse your mouth with water.
  4. Attend Regular Dental Check-ups: Regular dental check-ups are crucial for maintaining oral health. Our dentists will examine your fillings and overall dental condition during these visits, promptly addressing any issues.
  5. Avoid Bad Habits: Avoid habits that damage dental fillings, such as biting on complex objects or using your teeth as tools. These actions can cause the filling to chip or break, requiring additional treatment.

Why Choose New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic in Dubai?

When it comes to dental fillings and comprehensive dental care, New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic stands out for several reasons:

  1. Proven Filling Resins: We prioritize using proven high Quality filling resins for all cavities, ensuring high-quality and long-lasting restorations.
  2. Precision Dentistry: Our dentists employ magnification tools such as dental microscopes to achieve precise and meticulous fillings. We aim to provide the best possible outcomes by preserving valuable enamel and conserving natural tooth structure.
  3. Biomimetic Dentistry: At New Ivory, we practice biomimetic dentistry, which focuses on conserving natural tooth structure and restoring function wherever possible. Our approach prioritizes your oral health while maintaining the aesthetics of your smile.

Experience Excellence in Dental Care: Schedule an Appointment

Don’t let cavities compromise your oral health and confidence. Contact New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic today to schedule an appointment for dental fillings. Our experienced dentists will provide personalized care, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. Experience the benefits of our precision and comprehensive approach to dental fillings in Dubai. Regain your healthy smile with New Ivory Dental Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dental fillings painful?

The process of getting a dental filling is generally painless. Before placing the filling, our dentists will numb the area first with a numbing spray or gel and then with a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. After the procedure, you may feel some sensitivity or mild discomfort if the fillings are very deep. This can usually be managed well with over the counter painkillers.

How long do dental fillings last?

The lifespan of dental fillings depends on various factors, including the type of filling material used and your oral hygiene habits. On average, composite resin fillings can last 5 to 10 years or longer with proper care. Attending regular dental check-ups and maintaining good oral hygiene can help extend the longevity of your fillings.

Can I eat and drink normally after getting a dental filling?

After getting a dental filling, you can resume your normal eating and drinking habits. However, avoid consuming extremely hot or cold foods and beverages immediately after the procedure, as your tooth may be sensitive. Over time, the sensitivity should subside, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods without discomfort.

How do I care for my dental fillings?

Caring for your dental fillings is similar to caring for your natural teeth. Maintain an oral hygiene routine, including brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing daily. Additionally, attend regular dental check-ups for professional cleanings and examinations. Avoid teeth grinding or biting on complex objects that damage your fillings.

Can dental fillings be replaced if worn out or damaged?

If dental fillings wear out or become damaged over time, our dentists can replace them. During your regular dental check-ups, our dentists will assess the condition of your fillings and recommend replacement if necessary. It’s essential to address any issues promptly to avoid further decay or complications. Sometimes the entire filling need not be replaced. One of the advantages of resins is that they can be repaired instead of being replaced. We prefer this approach especially in cases where the old fillings are very deep and close to the nerve.

Can I get dental fillings if I have dental anxiety?

At New Ivory Dental and Implant Clinic, we understand that dental anxiety is common for some patients. We offer nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) to help patients relax and feel more comfortable during dental procedures, including dental fillings. Our team will work with you to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible. Nitrous oxide also reduces gag reflex and makes long dental procedures much more comfortable.

How can I schedule an appointment for dental fillings at New Ivory Dental Clinic?

Scheduling an appointment for dental fillings at New Ivory Dental Clinic is easy. Simply contact our clinic via phone, whatsapp or email, and our friendly staff will assist you in finding a convenient appointment time. We look forward to providing exceptional dental care and restoring your smile with precision and care.

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