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Dental Implants in Dubai

  • German board certified implantologist
  • Life-time Warranty
  • Sameday Implants

What is a dental implant?

Think of a dental implant as an artificial root. It’s a small piece of body friendly titanium that is used to replace the root of a missing tooth. The implant is placed into the jaw bone, where it provides a solid foundation for a new artificial tooth. Four implants can support the foundation for a full jaw of teeth! If you need dental implant treatment in Dubai then choose new ivory.

dental implants in dubai

Why Choose Our Dental Implant Clinic in Dubai?

  • We are a specialty implant clinic and are especially geared and equipped for performing  dental implants.  Also we are equipped to do all supportive advanced procedures for implants such as bone grafting, sinus lifts, soft-tissue grafting etc.
  • We place every single implant with a CBCT 3D scanner for increased safety and precision and so we can see the results even before we begin.
  • Options for Same day dental implants or One day Crowns and Bridges.
  • We use only the tried and tested implants such as Noble biocare and Straumann implants which are considered the implant systems in the world.
  • Highest Success Rates with a 10 year warranty on all implants!
  • And most importantly we will do it with minimal pain and fuss so you can get back to your life with a new Natural smile!

Advantages of dental implants & same day dental implants in Dubai

  • An Implant is fixed option for replacing missing teeth, so say goodbye to your removable dentures!
  • Perfect function – like chewing on a corn cob!
  • Esthetic and natural – no one will know that you have one!
  • no fear of a denture coming out when biting or chewing in public
  • Much longer lasting compared to other dental implant treatment alternatives – implants usually last for life!
  • Dental implants do not get cavities!
  • Improvement of your overall health
dental implants dubai uae

Why are Dental Implants much better than bridges?

  • An implant doesn’t involve grinding or cutting down teeth around the missing tooth
  • Dental implants last much longer than bridges. Most bridges last around 7-12 years. Most implants can last around 20 years or more.
  • It’s much easier to clean around an implant just like a natural tooth vs a bridge which is much more difficult to clean under.
  • As dental implants are independent and not connected to other teeth unlike bridges they look much more natural and esthetic and are easier to floss and keep clean.
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Our Dental Implant Expert

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed – is a leading implantologist, who has been practicing in Dubai since 2004. He is a member of the German Board of Implantogists, which is the oldest implant training institute in Europe. For a more detailed bio, you can read more about him here.

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    FAQ's Of Our Dental Implants Treatment

    Why would you need dental implants?

    Dental implants are often the best replacement for missing teeth. They are much more reliable and long lasting as well as more comfortable and hygienic compared to other options such as partial dentures or bridges. Also they are the only things which will help you to preserve your jaw bone which is continuously lost the moment teeth are removed.

    How many types of dental implants are there?

    There are many types of dental implants but the most common ones are the ones called as endosteal implants. They are placed in the jawbone exactly where the tooth root used to be and therefore replace the tooth in the most natural way. They are usually made of pure titanium or titanium alloys although now newer materials such as Zirconia are also available.

    Which dental implant is best?

    It's a bit like asking which car is the best! There are a number of factors that decide implant long-term success. The better brands such as Nobel, Straumann, Zimmer , Astra and BioHorizons and others spend a lot of money and time on research and development. Also they have been around for a long time so the availability of spare parts should something go wrong would not be a problem. Dental Implants are mechanical parts. They can come become loose, implant screws break and implants can get infections and get rejected. Even though the success rates are in the high 90s you want to make sure to plan for mishaps and avoid using brands that are very new because they might not be around when you need remakes. Even though implants themselves can potentially last a lifetime, implant crowns and implant supported bridges always have a life and are subject to wear and tear. Typically these crowns and bridges last for about 10 to 15 years before needing repair or replacements and that is when the support of the implant company (like the after-sales in a car company) is most important. You don't want to be left with an unusable implant in your mouth for the want of a simple screw or another such component.

    What are the criteria for suitability of dental implants?

    Any adult, which means that your growth must be complete. Certain bone abnormalities or diseases might potentially be a cause for concern. Your blood pressure and blood sugar should be reasonably controlled. Immune suppressants and certain other medications might need to be evaluated. Certain blood diseases also contraindicate implant placement. These are the major criteria but there are others that can be discussed during the dental appointment.

    Can dental implants be done in one day?

    Yes, our dentist in Dubai can! If the jaw bone is sufficient in quality and quantity implants along with implant crowns CAN be done in a day. The criteria for same day dental implants are even stricter than regular staged implants, but with some precautions they can be done safely and predictably.

    How painful is it to get dental implants?

    Dental implants are among the most comfortable of dental implant procedures. We have had multiple patients that didn't even need painkillers after the dental implant procedure. For many people they can expect some mild soreness for a few days at most. However in case of extensive work you can expect to have a bit more discomfort and possibly swelling all of which can be reasonably managed with some medication.

    How long do dental implants last?

    Dental implants are one of the few things in dentistry that can potentially last for a lifetime. Some minimal care and timely maintenance such as regular cleaning and check-ups are required to keep them in top shape. Crowns normally have an average life of around 10 years as they are subject to normal wear and tear.

    What are the benefits of dental implants?

    There is no need to grind down adjacent teeth like in a bridge. They are usually very quick to place and are highly predictable. You can clean and floss around them like natural teeth. They don't need to be replaced as often as dentures. You can chew on normal food without worry. Most importantly - they preserve the jaw bone unlike dentures and bridges. Dentures can actually worsen bone loss and make you age faster!

    What is the average cost for dental implants?

    The cost of dental implants can usually be less expensive than a bridge. If the supporting teeth need to be root-canal treated, then the cost of dental implants starts to look much lesser in comparison. Also implants usually last much longer than bridges so from a long term perspective implants usually work out much less expensive. A word of caution however- be wary of implants that are very inexpensive. They might not have much research and development done on them and some components might not be available for repair or replacements when it eventually becomes necessary. It would be a good decision to invest a little bit more on a good quality dental implant that has proved itself since it's going to be there for a long time! Straumann, Noble, Biohorizons, Zimmer, Bicon, Ankylos and Xive are some of the dental implants that we have used and have got good success with. Also one of the most important factors is using genuine dental implant components and excellent lab work. Shoddy lab work can make the best implants fail! The contacts and contours on the final crown or bridge are extremely important and not to be overlooked. There should be no food collection in between implant crowns. All contacts should be flossable and cleansable. These small things go are important to make sure that your dental implant investment goes a long way.

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