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Dr Rasha Mhanna is a Lebanese general and cosmetic dentist with over 16 years of experience. She qualified in dentistry with a higher diploma from the Lebanese university in Lebanon in buccal biology with honors. She also holds a diploma from the Dental College, Lebanon in Prosthetic dentistry and Esthetic restorations. 

She started practicing in her home country of Lebanon, followed by a few years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has made Dubai her home since 2010. 

Dr. Rasha enjoys providing her patients with beautiful natural smiles using biomimetic dentistry design principles with the highest quality of materials and the latest innovations in dentistry. She also believes in dentistry that is conservative and in minimal intervention. Apart from doing excellent work with minimal prep e-max and composite veneers and composite bonding, she is also trained in cosmetic gum contouring with soft-tissue dental  lasers. She also enjoys general dentistry including cosmetic composite restorations for dental decay and performs scaling, polishing and whitening with minimal  sensitivity. She also  fabricates sports guards and night guards for patients who need them. 

She is well trained in Digital Dentistry, utilizing the latest generation of  intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM dentistry and does all her crowns, inlays and onlays utilizing this cutting edge technology . She is also one of the few dentists in the UAE using the microscope for ALL general dentistry. She also excels in dental photography and documents all her work meticulously.

She is committed to continuous learning through conferences that implement new trends, technologies and materials in the cosmetic field to ensure patients are getting the most advanced services possible.

Dr. Rasha is tri-lingual and speaks English, Arabic and French fluently. She likes to read and listens to music in her spare time. She also loves to socialize and meet new people .

Dr. Rasha ardently believes that every patient deserves the most unbiased dental information from their dentist and it is the responsibility of every dentist to educate and encourage every patient in order for them to have the best dental and oral health possible.

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