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We are Sydney’s longest established medical recruitment agency, helping General Practitioners and General Practices since 1986.

We substantially save you time in finding better Locum and Permanent GP job opportunities Sydney-wide.

If you’re interested in GP jobs in Sydney, you’ve come to the right place.

At Susan Hill GP Jobs, we’ve been helping general practitioners find their career paths since 1986.

As Australia’s longest-established recruitment agency for medical positions, we have strong industry connections and knowledge that allow us to place GPs where they’ll excel.

GP Career Opportunities In SYDNEY

for Medical Practitioners

For many years, local Doctors dominated the Sydney general practitioner industry, making it hard to find positions as a newcomer. As the industry began experiencing rapid growth, this opened the door to many GPs hoping to begin their new lifestyle in Sydney. Joining the Sydney GP game lets you enter an environment built for growth. As more practitioners flock to the area and the city grows, the experience you gain will progress your career exponentially.
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Living and Working in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most liveable cities in the world. It offers a great work-life balance, wonderful beaches, and a bustling city atmosphere. The city has a strong and job market, with various opportunities for the GP market.

It also has a diverse population and culture, with a wide range of cuisines, arts, and entertainment options.

The city is also home to several world-renowned landmarks and tourist attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach.

Living and working in Sydney can provide a unique and fulfilling experience for anyone looking to start a new chapter in their lives.

Discover Permanent GP Jobs in SYDNEY

At Susan Hill GP Jobs, we help you find permanent GP Jobs in Sydney that align with your career goals and lifestyle needs. Whether you’re moving from a different city or town or just beginning your career, we can walk you through each step of the process. We take care of the paperwork and arrange meetings for you so you can focus on preparing for your new job.

Our number one priority at Susan Hill GP Jobs is to provide a personalised service to each doctor. We will sit down and discuss your unique needs to truly understand what sort of position will fulfill your goals.

Because of our long-lasting relationships with practices in the area, we have all the contacts necessary to land you your dream position.

We will help you find a role that meets your preferred location, lifestyle requirements, practice type, and culture.

With our permanent work placements, you can enjoy stability, community, and connection.

Interested in Becoming a Locum GP in Sydney?

If you’re seeking a dynamic and adaptable career path, becoming a locum GP in Sydney could be a great option for you. As a locum GP, you’ll have the opportunity to work in different locations and practice types which is perfect for recent GP graduates looking to gain experience in different settings. Our team will take care of the placement process and ensure a smooth experience for you.

We’ll take into consideration your preferred days and hours of work and match you with the best locum positions that fit your needs. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the benefits of a flexible career, with great lifestyle and earning opportunities.

Request a List of Available GP Jobs in Sydney Today

Whether you’re interested in locum or permanent GP opportunities, we can help.

Request available permanent or locum GP jobs in Sydney today by contacting Susan Hill GP Jobs.

Permanent GP Work with potential, and Locuming GP work on your terms.

Locum work offers you the flexibility of where and when you work.

Permanent work offers you stability and the potential for practice ownership.


Permanent work can offer stability and certainty in most cases. You have a choice of permanent full-time or part-time that would suit your lifestyle.


We take care of all the paperwork to free you to do what you do best. Our long-standing career in the medical community enables us to connect you to practices that meet your needs.


In a permanent role you build relationships with colleagues, community and patients.


As a Locum GP, you work when and where you like. We have opportunities all over Australia from short-term assignments to 12 months placements.


Create your lifestyle with options to travel and work all over Australia with all expenses paid or work close to home on days and hours of your choosing.


Interesting opportunities can be found in diverse areas; fly-in and fly-out to remote areas, beach or rural locations, your choice.

1 – Mid North Coast, New South Wales, Permanent
2 – Mid North Coast , New South Wales, Permanent
3 – Tamworth, New South Wales, Permanent
4 – South Coast NSW, New South Wales, Permanent
5 – Tweed Heads , New South Wales, Permanent
6 – Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Permanent
7 – Sydney West, New South Wales, Permanent
8 – Sydney CBD, New South Wales, Permanent
9 – Northern Beaches, New South Wales, Permanent
10 – Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Permanent
Replacing a VR/Non-VR GP – Mid North Coast, NSW (DPA/MM3)

  • VR GPs earn $450K+ per annum on 70%
  • Existing patients
  • Assist with relocation costs

Mid North Coast, New South Wales
GP (VR/Non VR) – Mid North Coast NSW (DPA/MM3)


  • VR GP earns $270 per hour on 72.5% 
  • Hourly rate guaranteed for 3 months
  • Private billing
  • May assist with relocation costs

Mid North Coast , New South Wales
Permanent VR/Non-VR GP Job – Tamworth, NSW (DPA/MM3)

  • VR GPs earn $2000+ per day on 70%
  • $150 per hour for 3 months
  • Relocation or sign on $10,000 offered
  • Free accommodation for up to 3 months

Tamworth, New South Wales
Permanent VR/Non-VR GP Job – South Coast, NSW (DPA/MM5)

  • Earn $300K+ p.a. on 70%
  • Mixed billing 
  • Free 2 bedroom unit for the trial period
  • Or Assist with relocation costs

South Coast NSW, New South Wales
Permanent VR GP Job – Tweed Heads, NSW (DPA/MM1)

  • Paying 70% of billings
  • $150 per hour for 3 months
  • Mixed Billing

Tweed Heads , New South Wales
Replacing a VR GP – Tweed Heads, NSW (DPA/MM1)

  • $170 per hour for 3 month or 70%
  • Existing patient base
  • Beach location

Tweed Heads, New South Wales
Permanent VR GP Job – Sydney West, NSW

  • $160 per hour or 72%
  • 4 – 6 patients per hour
  • Half an hour from Sydney CBD

Sydney West, New South Wales
Replacing a VR GP – Sydney CBD, NSW

  • $160 per hour for 3 months or 70%
  • Mixed billing 
  • Existing patient base
  • 3km from Sydney CBD

Sydney CBD, New South Wales
GP (VR) – Northern Beaches NSW


  • Earn $230+ per hour on 70%
  • $150 per hour guaranteed for 3 month
  • Private Billing
  • 2km to the beach 

Northern Beaches, New South Wales
Relacing a (VR) GP – Northern Rivers NSW (DPA/MM1)


  • $160 per hour or 65% for 3 months, then 70%
  • Earn $1900 per day
  • Mostly Private Billing
  • Existing patients

Northern Rivers, New South Wales

Choose work options that suit your lifestyle and goals.

Know the advantages of Locum and Permanent GP work, and the possibilities for your career.

Doctors first.


Locum Doctors

Flexibility, lifestyle and opportunity.

doctor consulting

Permanent Doctors

Stability, simplicity and connection.


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